How To Write A Book

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Share your knowledge with others who could benefit from what you know and maybe you have some great history that you can share with others. Learn  How To Write A Book .com will guide you through the steps of writing your Book, Formatting your book and getting your book published.

Writers are from all walks of life. The people who want to write are usually people who have information and ideas that they would like to share; people write to communicate. However, it is not enough just to put words on paper. A good writer knows how to deliver a clear message to his or her audience. Think about why you want to write. Do you want to provide information to your readers so that they can make an informed decision, or do you want to persuade your audience into thinking one way? The response that you aim to get from your audience determines the words that you choose for your piece.

We will discuss why you should write your Book. Planning and organizing your work, some general tips about what you should implement in the book and what you should keep in mind while writing it, You could be a “nobody” today but with the right story idea you could turn into a successful book author. If you invest in your novel writing dream today, you’ll enjoy the triumph of turning that dream into reality in the near future.

If you wait though…

Think about this: Someone else may have the same story idea as you, but you were hesitant to start writing your novel and that person got their book published before you did and they would be the successful novelist having the fame and money that could have been yours!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to live your dream of writing that best seller instead of being bitter and discouraged because you waited to long to put those ideas or that great story down on paper!.


4 thoughts on “How To Write A Book

  1. Ignat Digori

    Aks Questions

    Writing your soul on paper
    Believe it and you will feel
    Make a prayer and you know
    Who am i right now to you

    See the clouds in the air
    Breath fresh grass air
    See the sign from an god
    Make a prayers right now

    Who will write the truth now
    Lets ask somebody who knows
    That writer knows how to do
    Read my lips and i will like you

    See a flower that is flowering
    Smell it and you will smell it
    What do you smell if you like
    That is a beautiful flower smell

    Give me a sign from up there
    You know me now who are you
    Meet me if you like what i write
    Ask me how i do it that is what i like

    Poem with questions that are truth in you eyes

    All knowing

    Here they are the true angels
    They look like this what do
    They do in a world with no
    A world who you don’t see

    This magic on paper now
    Magic that you believe now
    Trusting poem this is now
    Make it your and see him

    Thats a God i look up to
    Now he is gone that is true
    He can do what i can not do
    He will tell you that i am one

    Yes a almighty told you
    He told you i am a God
    Make a joke about me now
    I will finish last but will win

    How deed in love are you now
    Where are you now in this
    I can tell with a God that true
    A god who knows it all now

    Making a move on a God
    What did you tell him now
    He will tell me allot he knows
    Now who will you see in me

    Listen to it make a song with this message

    Angels Existence

    Make a move on your past
    See a dark light above you
    That is a mistake from you
    Make a move for the truth

    See the darkness in you
    That is true we all have it
    Seeing the big white one
    You need to feel like it

    See an angel above you
    Make a speech for him
    That what they like in you
    They are killing in the name

    What angel is you right now
    What angel will save you
    What angels do exist now
    That is true only two exist

    What world are they in now
    Not ours they do not like us
    The world did not go right
    They are near me all the time

    They like a God who is truthful
    Even Michaelangelo likes me
    Gabriel lends me his sword now
    Do you see it that is his sword

    That sword is improved by me
    He cuts even a tree with it
    Fire will grow and his will to
    Angels will never die in my eye

    They want earth to be theirs
    They want another angel
    They want more power
    Thats why i talk to them

    You wanna see Michaelangelo
    His weapon is so painful
    That i like him for it always
    He can be a God in my left eye

    If you wanna talk to them
    I will allow you to do that
    Be careful they only like me
    Now you know they are true

    Angels exist in the existents i made them come back on earth threw a poem

    Angels Poem

    Sail is what i am now
    Sail is a whale that big
    Sail in the night that it
    Sail is the missing link
    Sail is power of the mind
    Sail is death avoiding
    What song is this now

    The angels never die
    Angels are alive not dead
    Angels will see you now
    Angels are not happy
    Angels are the Angels
    My Angels are now talking

    Say hello for me now
    Say a Angel in my words
    Say Angel with my Angels
    Make a Angel die is a lie

    That why the city of it sees
    Will see them now you see
    Now you know who they are
    Angels those are mine

    Angels are there to be mine and see you when i want them to

    Bey Bey and Farewell

    Stay away from my day dream
    I know you are all watching me
    More then a thousand that is true
    Let me see your in mine now

    I am all watching you all day
    Let me see your best method
    Who is this man i wanna know
    Secrets i write allot right now

    Me is invisible for you now
    Who am i that is a question
    Who is meant for you right
    Make a move on me you all

    Now allot of people are touching
    Why me go away now all of you
    Now the ones grabbing i will let
    Make a joke and i will cry now

    Write me something back to me
    Lets see what i will get from you
    Let me know if its you i will know
    Make a comment and i will know

    Sweet love poetry i wanna have
    Something you are all wanting
    Be the best one and you will
    Write this if you wanna try

    Bey Bey and Farewell
    Cup of Alcohol

    Start of the day with a glass
    A glass who leaks juices
    What kind off glass is that
    A glass who does not say it

    What can i know of it now
    Its a glass who knows allot
    You taste whats in it but not
    What the glass tasted like

    What will a cup taste like
    It will convinces yo taste
    What is the taste of a cup
    In a cup there is more in

    Coffee and thee is in a cup
    What kind of taste does it
    Its a taste that you wanna
    The taste of coffee and thee

    If a cup haves a taste
    What does a glass have
    Alcohol is what they poor
    Why not a cup i wonder

    This is a cup for more in it
    That is a big drink so now
    Drink it all up and forget
    Forget all your bad things

    Who wants a drink now i already have a cup poor me something
    Gift 2

    Be what you will be
    Stay awake and you see
    Make a move on me
    Lets be who you want

    Be more interesting in time
    Have a nice live on earth
    Be sure what to give you
    Make a gift that is not for me

    Now you have a gift
    Give Give Me Me
    Thank you for it
    Now make a toy

    Give it to a child
    How will he react
    Tel me shortly
    He will tell you now

    Give more gifts
    But not a bomb
    They do not like it
    Now you will see

    Everybody knows
    Read this poem
    Tell me right now
    What do you see

    Now this is a cover for a good book

    How hard is hard if you feel
    How soft is soft if you feel
    Being a smart one is a lie
    Being the knowing is a truth

    Sending me mail is what i like
    But reading i dislike in time
    Send me a gift with a post
    I will rip it open of happiness

    Give a gift is different is true
    Giving makes you feel guilty
    Make a wish to get one gift
    This poem will rule the world

    How many gifts have you wished
    What if you need to buy them
    What money will you spend
    I hope its not mine i have enough

    This gift is my poem what is yours
    I really want one back to know
    I will read but i will stop reading
    You want me to feel guilty

    Prank on you with a poem you all feel happy for this one

    Writing health is what i want
    Writing your sick way away
    Hope for a healthy live now
    Trust in your white blood cells

    Who is healthy now if you are
    What health can you give
    Give each to other health
    Give me your health to

    What feeling is so sick now
    That is what i feel now in time
    Writing this makes me feel sick
    Write your poem about being sick

    What kind of sickens do you have
    Lets pray and ask what you have
    Even if you are healthy you will ask
    Now you know what you do have

    More and more sick feelings
    Les health is what i am feeling
    Make a wish to be healthy
    That is what God likes is healthy

    Eat some fruit in your time
    Eat some pills that will help
    What kind of pills do you take
    What is so healthy about that

    Let pray and ask if its true now
    Pills are rare now to you why
    What is that a vitamin pill
    Swallow the pill i will like it

    What kind of feeling is healthy that the feeling
    Honey in Fear

    Being afraid of death
    Being afraid to live
    Being afraid to lie
    Being afraid to be that
    Being afraid of the law
    Being afraid with fear
    How afraid are you now
    That is a poem with fear

    Look up in the sky and fly
    See some one fly next time
    Now you have no fear of death
    Feel your own fear and be it

    How will fear be inside
    That is how it will be
    For a long time in you
    Now fear will go out

    Feel a pain that kills you
    That is a fear we all have
    What fear will overrule it
    That is a fear of the law

    What God is a dark one
    Will he write with me now
    Its a question you all have
    Having questions is a fear

    To be cheerful i will know
    To be a person who fears
    To be afraid of this poem
    This is a fear you all have

    How strong are you now
    See the dark side is fear
    Right now fear is a friend
    Say goodbye to it right now

    Lets keep this rolling for more
    Roll in a cave with a bear
    See how scary it is with a bear
    Now tell him you want honey

    He will give you allot of it
    How is this true we ask
    A bear is friendly to me
    Taste his honey and taste it

    This is so feared to be with a bear
    He likes you now offer him a bone
    Lets see if he like a bone from you
    Tell him i like honey but try bone

    What honey do you like a bear knows better honey the we do

    Leave Hope

    Leave home with out you
    Leave your feelings at home
    Leave me and you will know
    Now where do you wanna go

    Come to me in the park for walk
    Taking a walk in the shadows
    Why so dark its only a park
    Maybe you can see me walking

    Who do you trust if you walk
    I hope its your legs for the walk
    Thank them because they walk
    See the hope again and you will

    Hope for a better world that is hope
    Hope for better live that id hope
    Hope for a truthful leader do it
    Now hope for your self something

    Allot of hope is what i have
    Allot of trust is what i can lose
    More to your feelings that is me
    Add some hope for me if you want

    What is the hope from you to me let me hear it

    Make me happy inside now
    Make soft on the outside be
    Make a touch to touch if you
    Make suggestion for something
    Make a joules move for me
    How long will it take me

    Now i got you in bed with me
    What will you do to me
    What love game yo play
    What moves you want
    What girl you are with me
    See my eyes and be mine
    Lets make love till morning

    I also wanna sleep with you
    Now lets see what game
    Whisper to you what i want
    Whisper to you how i am
    Whisper to you what you want
    Whisper allot to your mind
    Whisper in a short time
    Whisper to make you cum
    Whisper to make you love
    Say now how you love me

    Long love game in the way i wanna play

    Soft SnowBall

    Be a true one and care
    Be a brave one and know
    Be a person in your dream
    See the light when you die

    Make a poem that will see
    See how i see you if you want
    See what i want you to see
    Make ma dream come true

    See the light above you
    Make a must do be alive
    See how stronger you are
    Feel like flying and caring

    Now you can fly in dreams
    Make a wish for a better dream
    See the caps in the screen
    Make a move with your live

    Scared to die in a dream
    We all have that in there
    Dream a bed dream now
    See how soft it is now

    Soft feeling is very high
    Soft like a puffy snowball
    Here there are amazing
    They act fast they are pro

    Who is that at the end see them they are my friends

    Talk to my Soul

    Love stone is what it is
    Love create feel now to
    Love being in love right
    Love care and take a break
    Love making mistakes
    Love sharing is what it is
    Love more day by day
    Love Do to do to you
    How do you feel now
    That was a great smile

    Motivating you to feel it
    Motivating to be powerful
    Motivating to be strong
    Motivating to feel fresh
    Motivating to see good
    Motivating to believe in me
    Motivating to be not dead
    Motivating to be alive
    Motivating to feel real
    Motivating to destroy bad
    Motivating to have a feel
    Motivation is the end now
    Now be a motivated person

    Talk to my soul and you hear
    Talk to your self now to believe
    Talk back i will tell you why me
    My soul will tell you now what i am

    Speak or talk to it you can pray to mine test if you dare

    Poem of the day is what we say
    What poem is today i don’t care
    How do you make an poem
    With a rime that makes it right

    Something happens en then
    All your friends are leaving you
    Make a shore at home
    With what good deed do you start

    What home do you want
    Guess what a God is on earth
    What kind of one i am asking
    Feel good is what i say

    Test of Love

    Making a law for a kid
    Making bread with no water
    Making a burger with out it
    What do you taste now

    Food is holy is true maybe
    Food is taste on your tong
    Food in the fridge is cool
    What do you think now

    Diet is healthy if you believe
    Diet is skinny just like me
    Diet is a diet what will you do
    How do you feel now

    What food do you like now
    Check your fridge what in it
    Take something out that you like
    Eat thats what i do not like

    What is the taste of your seeds
    What is the taste of your cells
    Who do you love if taste it
    Taste each others for a test

    If do this test and you like the taste you are falling in love is what i can tell


    Bang is what i hear now
    Bang is what i see now
    Bang is what do right now
    Who do you wanna bang

    Lets see you better part
    Lets see who you are
    Lets see what you can do
    Lets see how you will feel

    See my armor around me
    See my best writing see it
    See what i see in trouble
    Now you know how hard it is

    Making moves is what i can do
    Making mistakes what we all do
    Making questions for more Intel
    Ask God for more information

    What God do you believe in
    What God is a God on paper
    What God do you like the most
    Lets ask God with one is the best

    Rule the world in your mind
    Rule others who need help
    Rule the rulers and you will be
    Now rule the world in a time

    Time slows you down always
    What time do you like seeing
    Getting older is the truth always
    Who will God tell you to obey now

    Take a glass of water and drink it
    What do you want with it at the time
    I will want do be a grown up in time
    Now time is your in your mind

    This is what i like time to not look at i will kill you for looking at it

    Student What I am

    Start to smoke it in your mind
    Start thinking about the bad kind
    Make a picture of the mind in you
    Take a shot to forget about

    Drink a truck full of alcohol
    You will see the thoughts
    That will wake you up from
    The bad thoughts that you had

    Make happy joke with me
    See what I can bring to you
    This poem is good for you
    Make a tree to forget about

    Start living easy in your mind
    Make flowers grow to the good
    What mind you will look in to
    I hope it’s your own to check

    I check my mind allot and feel bad
    Now how about you with your mind
    I can do it but the thoughts I have
    Look into mine and compare it to mine

    See now see is what you see
    Now to hear what you want to hear
    Your own can set you free if you want
    Make the joules ones pay with theirs

    Blue sky in the night like sunshine
    What kind of type of mind you want
    Get the one what it will make you smart
    Go to school if you read and write

    That’s a message that student do not like

  2. Ignat Digori


    Being big is what we like. Showing small thing we enjoy. Writing things and feelings down is what I want. The difference is small and we care about. How to make the world one happy place we need to enjoy live on earth. We can achieve that by creating peace without war and bad memories. True feelings make a move on earth. The move must be pure in tough to be accepted by the other part of the world. You can make gold out of this if you share that is a bliss. Create the fool ones you make mistakes, he will want revenge for his mistakes. The others who I do not listen are making tests. The tests a cruel is what I think, who do you want to test with this. The meaning of the word test will create protests. Making shores for the ones who want it, you will want money for it. Cruel world is what we think, what if the money came to you. What will you do? Buying everything that you want will help the government. To help those more you need to invest in them, the more help people that they will get. Typing words that want makes you a King in your mind. Staying at home when you want, control is what you get over your wanting. Wanting much is allot of work, wanting small is what you can get. Making a small joke about small thing, tell them it is a small thing. To make small thing big again you can zoom in. The better way to make a small thing a big thing is how to look at it and say. “Wow that is big thing.”
    To make the big things small you can judge them by price. They have method in life; the big things make the most impact on your live. To make the big things in life have a higher price, you will make it yours in your mind. If you like, the thing in time you will create a price in your mind. To sell it you will cry for it in your mind. The price in life is too high to sell it, what will change your mind? The money is power why do we allow it to control our mind. You can want it but getting it is the trick. Wanting money is big in the world you will never have enough. To have enough you need to spend allot to make It grow. There are banks for to make your money grow. The bank who makes money grow wins money but they give it to you slow. They do that so they will have control over the money that we spend. They want more out of yours if you have much, be careful what you sign for. They have contracts to steel money from you if you give it to the poor. Being rich is fun but the bank will want control. They will give you a limit if you are not rich enough but on the account, you have more. That logic is something you need to spend it all. If you want that, you will need to sign. To sign and do it right makes a joke that he will like. The joke will be by telling him. “Look I am going to sign myself poor, in a bank full of money.”
    Being rich is easy living what about your surroundings they have feelings. They want money to but if you are rich, you already do have it. They can ask but you will not understand if you are a rich one. They have a heart and beats for life he has the same as you do. To make him happy you can do that by not giving the homeless money but food. They will ask for more food they have stomach that will want to have food in it. The have an addiction maybe if you ask them, they will tell you the truth. To give them hope tell them to stay strong so they will be motivated to survive. They can give you hope to if they like you they will say thank you. Hope will come to you.
    Tomorrow we will have better day thinking for the future is what we do. To make the past come up again you will need to find a way to forget. Better thing to do is to, not write wars in history books. You will be confronted with it a school, were children go to. Tell them, as a teacher is a history that we want to forbid at school. To forget the war we need to, not let our kids know, they will drag the bad feeling to the future. That is a fact and you can ask your child what war do you know about? They will tell you that are something we do not want. The films show them how it was, but it is something the world is not proud of. To go to a bar and drink it away it is a mistake. You need to accept the peace it will create. Why war if the world is so big, there are allot of places people do not go. To make them for a living one you need to make a better future. Houses and flats is what the world needs to create further peace. Now to make the world better you need to create a new nature. More oxygen is what we want. There are machines that filter the bad parts out of it, I will vote on the one who pollutes the earth the most. They have much work but the air will get better. You need to make electricity but you have the ocean that always moves. Air move to it also provides electricity. The sun does the most you can feel warm. That is a powerful way to make electricity but also warm water. The more we absorb from the sun the more vitamin d we will get from the sun. To collect more energy out it they found a way with mirrors. It will reflect more sun light on one spot. That is hot and very powerful; to make it work better you need to improve the collector. With water to cool them down so they will not over hit. Liquid gel is also an option but gel dries out if you make it to warm. To create a gel that can, you can make it with water from the ocean. Create an improved one and test it with just simple water.
    To get money out of this to start developing you will want more money out of it. Electricity will be expensive. The nuclear plants are bad for the waste they create. They can cool it now with a gel that is better than the water that cools it down. To use the gel again you can make it mixed with water. More nuclear power is what we need the world will want allot of electricity in the future. That is the way we are heading to improve the air. Planting trees is also a hard task trees grow slow. To make a country grow trees who are providing allot of fresh air. Like the taiga woods, those trees do allot of cleaning to the air. They absorb the most filth in the air. Cutting there is a mistake.
    To make more improvements to the world, the electric car that can last long is small. The fast one you will not even be able to use to not, break the law except Germany. To not go fast is to stay calm an, accept that you will lose time while driving. Thinking fast helps but you need to drive slow you will see more. To make more roads to achieve your time limit use the high way. Traffic exists they all finish work at the same hours. Getting in line with the others is what you accept but you will not be happy with time. To relax put some music on smoke a cigarette if you smoke. If the radio is annoying with commercials, put your own music on. Happy thoughts what you need to have do not think of a fast car. Just think you are taking a ride in a train. If you pass the accident, you will want to know what happened. Do not stare but be happy It isn’t you. Hope that these kind of thing do not happen anymore.
    To know the part what scared you, is when life flashes by fro you. That moment you will never forget you can die in an eye blink. To calm yourself down just tell yourself; I am the luckiest person in the world now to still being alive. That feeling Is dangerous to talk about it, you will feel good if you are happy to be alive after it. You will tell the other how lucky you were. It will start a topic in a conversation that will share good messages about your lives. To continue the topic full of good topics, create a sad topic. After the sad topic talk and say; I am so sorry for making you sad with me, but now it is off my chest.
    To make a better way to communicate you will need a world language that will be, accepted by the most. You can do a world vote I can do that, more than half wanted English that is something we need accept. It will be world language if they vote for it. To approve they all need to sign the form from the country they want. English is originally from England. To make more starts for a laugh tell them a mistake you made. It will make look stupid but you will laugh about it now. TO make the better conversation after this is to add up the problems you have. However, after wards you will be able to say. “We will hope for better days and it will all be good again.”
    To make more conversation what loses interests means the topic is boring. You can change it to a better one, by saying. “I love to talk but what way should we talk. Sorry that I am killing the topic, it will be better to change the subject. Please.” The conversation will go on and will be the one to end with. The best way to get out of a conversation you can excuse yourself.

    To start a drinking game in a bar, you need an excuse to get free drinks. If the bar man plays along you will all lose and you will need to pay. To get free drinks you need an excuse why he should play along. Tell him you will pay to close bar and make it yours. If the bar is full, all invest some money and the bar is you are for the entire night. Now to sleep in bar do nut hug the boltless of alcohol.
    To make a song without the money singing, share a message to the bank to let them spend it. Not the others, who so not have enough for that spending you talk about. Bankers want this message in their song. Lend money from me please I have too much, I will spend it with you and the bank will help you to do it. Banker; “Now the rich artist who like spending money stop singing about it, we will not give you that much.” Now tell your story to a banker that he likes. Rich artist; “I spend money I like doing it, but I do not want you to ask more back. I will sing a song for you so the rich ones.”
    To improve a bank you all need misally to change bank to one. That bank will lead the others with money. They will lead and have more of it, to make sure the leaders invest in it with their own money. They will do that if they get the most out of it. The rates of the leader is bigger that is logical sense. They collect our taxes. What a good idea will be is for the money from the leader to make it investment into the bank the growth. Leaders have allotted so they will not mind helping people in their bank. If your leader is doing that, he will tell aloud to the public what kind of help she is providing to the bank. They will want to do that for a good reputation. If your leader is refusing this, you will know what to think. They want to help but they will want something out of it. The banker’s bonus is so big they can share. Its allot of money, it was on tv. To be honest I felt cheap.
    To make more money with other money that you think it is blood money. Do not go to a bank with it, spend it on buying things that you want. Then Bank will know and they will check and if it is blood money they will suspect with criminal activity. The government will tap your phones off to check on you. That is a thing the, good people need, you all think of privacy. Nevertheless, they are allowed to tap you off if they suspect it. They can hack into your computer to if they want to check on you. To talk to them call them a give them advice on the criminal activity that is going on. You need to have a new opinion about criminals. They change to they will change plan or way they work. If you help them out your country will feel saver. Wave at them and they will wave back.
    Making a tool that can catch a mouse, there is a box from steel with glass and you can see watt is in there. However, at work, they never check the box; their team leader told me what to do. Set them free in the woods nearby. Now to save them let them check them. Now they have so much cheese a mouse will be King there. There rats to does you can sell them. They have leaking problem, that to. They can control the personal it is there. Take a bottle of alcohol hug it and give it a kiss and tell the bottle. “Happy Alcoholic Friend is my best friend.” Now to make him more friendly give the bottle a glass friend. Drinking games make fun in the drinking part. With dice that scored the highest makes the other, drink. To convince the bar man tell him a joke. “Bar man with bar hand, play this game with me show me the real bar man.” Now if the bar man stops the drinking, you had enough. He is in a bar allot, now to win from him you have to be at least lucky. If he lost, tell him. “Hey man I am bar man now.” Now if you are the bar man, you can get all the bottles to yourself. Now if you actually do this, make allot of free orders. To be the person behind the bar you need to drink yourself to. You will compete, but the bar man must stay sober. How long will you hold on. You will want much and drink allot. You will find the bathroom if you go loose. However, it will be full because of the free drinks. If you are still in the bar being bar man you are one lucky bastard. Now if the bar closes you can take a sip from al the bottles. If the bar man tells you, he can make you a cocktail. It will give you allot of pleasure. To convince him to give you more, just tell him I am still bar man. He will be angry but the bar is closed. If you drink, more you will need to walk home and not drive. After such a cocktail, you will want more. Search for a new bar. Play the game again and go on being bar man. If you lose now you will get free drinks if you can order.

    To tell everybody hello say it. Hello today and tomorrow let’s see the news. Now the daily basis and the friendly cases against tv manipulation. Now they can run for every lie they told. He knows allot he changes the past. That I can do yes, what will you want at the start of the universe? You can do it but there is another way, allow me to this one. A tree that has different jerry’s I will want that.
    You are going to come to me now, right at me sees blushing. Cannot wait to see naked, now tell her how much she loves another person. He is the lucky one, who wants to know how he does it. I want to out of her, describe your magic from others they can do better. She wants to know who it is, wish to know him. I changed history again.
    Wild as she wants to go deep in a soundless sleep. Come alive when you can you need to test me but that will make look like alien. This song tells you wish to hear it. Now they tell you also they have a magical penis. Victim for abduction… means allot of sex. Supper sonic now if you do that he can use it fast that penis. Now this song is squeezed out of her she did not enjoy it when she heard what the asshole did rhyme. He is going to kill the alien; he will tell him to tough his penis.
    You also can collect rats in cages in the woods. Now for testing it will be good. To inject them with a virus so they can spread. They did not even make an anti-virus. Now they all know. It’s a country I will not write about it was his idea. It’s a man. To probe a rat with a virus you need to make them eat it, it is his stomach for the testing. To make them eat it you need cheese.
    To make the mistake between an eye seek between your legs. I want to do a search for the magic spot that we all want to land one with my tongue. See the arrival of the ceded who did the landing, het waterfall feeling inside her goes man, squeeze you dry like a wash clove. I will do this to you all night. Touch on your volcano full of the juice of love; rub it in a way you can tell that I am looking at you. Dive into your eyes and make a splash in mine yes I will almost cry for you. Sweet cherries and bubblegum taste in your mouth for the, sweet kiss that I want with you. The way to make you pay, me with your feelings while I will do it. I will say I love you. But the quilt afterwards I will say thank you. To make your quilt vanish, from your feelings. To see entrée you feel full attraction to the penis. She wants it if she leaks that is how she knows she wants you. Making love on your desk in the office after work while, the office is empty. How will you do your paper work not, your desk is dirty. Every time you will work on your desk, I want you to remind yourself of this moment.
    Morning breath is the fresh start of your day. Light up a cigarette and take a sip of you coffee. These rituals allot of people are doing it. You want a ritual if you wake up. Your body got use to it. Open up a window as far as possible to let fresh air in for the morning chills. Bring your self to peace and do this one for real. You will like fresh air after you polluted the world and your longs. The fresh air is inviting you to enjoy life on earth. Drinking a glass of water makes you feel fresh. You have a dry thought you want it to make it wet for the fresh feeling that you can get. Drink it slow to experience the feeling that I am describing. Take a piece of cake and eat it that will be a good morning start. Make the moon jealous if you think of cheesecake. Drink another cup of coffee to flush it down, what kind of coffee will that be? To make a cup of coffee more inviting to drink, smell it first it will open up your nose. Sense the taste in the smell you will want more of it. Now you can drink it slowly. To take a shower in the morning to wake up, use cold water after the warm water. You will wake up fast, your blood rushes fast to warm up your body. The trick is to do it fast while you are not, wanting to get out of the shower. Smell the shampoo with your nose you will smell more in the day. Taking showers in the winter in the morning is not such a good idea. Your head is wet if you go outside the chance is big that you will get sick. Another wake up secret is to eat sugar and allot, gives you the morning boost. Drinking red bull is also not such good idea, that stuff has drugs in it. If you buy, one read the word taurine in it, which changes the brain waves to be active. You liver also does not like it, drink a cup of coffee instead of red bull. You think now; this person is going to be sewed by them. To win this all I have to do in court is to tell the judge, it is bad for you. It gives you energy but when the stuff wears out, you want to drink more. That is why it is a drug.
    More flowers smell, from a flower field with allot of fresh smell. After they had water, they will smell more after they dry again. They come with a smell that is incredible, to your nose and eyes that are seeing the colors. To find the flower that smells, as you want it, you need to search for it. In a flower field, you can smell as much as you want. To smell the flower that you want, make sure you get the nose there on the right spot. You can smell the nectar, how much honey do you want? Buying the flowers will make them die, try to buy it without killing it. Now to smell it later in the day you can look at it and think of the smell. If you want to sense it again, all you have to do want it. To want to call your flower by a name means you have a living friend. This is a friend with a good smell.


    Now to be bar man you need to be a good drinker. That means you need to stop drinking when you had enough. To drink enough and to stop you will notice it and others. If you get to drunk at the bar or pub and you are to drunk, ask the bar operates for help. He will know what to do to you, if you play your cards right he will observe you to not drink anymore. He will also tell on you to others. Drink water is what he can tell you. To give him a raise tell the owner how good he is, he will be a better bar man. If he gets a raise because of you, he will give you all a free round if he is that happy with his raise. He will enjoy working there more and his life will improve. If you speak against the bar man he will feel bad and will not like you. If you want free round at the end for the good behavior they also deserves a round on the house. If they misbehave and forcing a free round means you did not behave. If they are caught after leave the bar and misbehave I want the police to tell the bar man that they misbehaved on the streets. The bar man knows them by name if they go there often a picture will also do. Then the bar man will confront them, then he is allowed to ask money from. For the free, drink that he god. If the police drag him back to the bar, he will need to pay the free drink and the find. Some good codes for a bar man;

    - Drink with the costumers if they offer you a drink from their bill. The best thing to do for a bar man, is to offer them a drink from the house for being kind to you.
    - Server drinks but if the cannot walk or talk normal anymore tell them to not drink anymore. Offer them a refreshing drink. Tell them it is a wise decision.
    - To make a costumer happy with the bar, tell them I will take care of you if you had too much. The others will help.
    - The bar man is allowed to give out warnings. If the bar man gives you a warning you need to offer someone a drink for free.
    - To stop serving drinks with the troublemakers, ask the other costumers what they want. The others know the bar man code if they break it. You are, allowed to call the police.
    - To create a joyful environment as a bar man you need to give them free nuts.
    - Bar man is boss.

    The King is manipulating me but also trusting me. He knows allot him can make the decisions on his own now. He knows whom he can talk to make the good decisions. He will meet allot of people now. He did sign allot of stuff without reading it he does not know it yet. However, some people are upset with him. The one who did sign is the blame taker, to help him. Allow his mom to go tell the other sorry. He has allotted of money he will send it to the right people. Angel will help him he knows more than his mom. Angels can talk your ears off and make sense until the end of the conversation. Kings day in Holland will be legendary now. He likes spending money more than I do. If he spends money in his country, he is helping the economy. He can know allot of people who live there if he meets them. Now a walk around town is expensive go to the palace with ideas how to spend money. Help him out, he will want good reasons he can check it if he wants. The agency will help him; they know more and work hard. He needs to respect them and others who are doing that kind of work. They have a hard time if they are bored time will go slow, they have a special clock that does not tick. They always check time so they can do more if they have it. Angel tried and he did not listen, if you are a king you have their protection. The King can ask them questions to know thing that will help them rule their country. They are spies but the absorb knowledge to help the world with and their country. If they work together, they will know more. Making decisions without making sense that is how your speech will sound like. To continue as a King you need to know how the King code works. If the King tells you to away while you are right. Tell him; I am right and alright, what are you now? If he responds cool and calm means he is a King who thinks. If he sends you away he believes he is right. If you get evidence if he is not he will feel ashamed. After that tell him, yes King now you are good one and OK.

    Allot of feelings down inside your heart, maybe it’s the down question. They talk allot of rubbish on tv about the government. Who played in the game movie trailer that is a brick in your lick? How many questions do you have? I can tell through a telescope to your house. He watching that paranoid, he needs allot of help this rapper. He will rap about it, but will not find it. He ku w aka do. What do you mean something bad? You collect shit to, but with dope. He can speak fast but he has no breaks, his wells are too slow for this car. He has no money for it, he lends it from the bank. He is losing every day, money. He has a crime on his life, which is not real for this world. Now to make him cry, let him tell the baby story. He will cry his eyes out, ask him what the secret was? He will spill after a join if you offer him. He can tell wisely what he means, the big talk talk. He is going to jail that is so small, it will make him feel big. He can travel but not to me, he can go collect more of it.
    To make a good internship at, Harvard. Tell them a secret law. The best law is; Get sewed for money at school and I win. I can sew you, if you deserve it. Now that is a good lawyer, he can lose all he wants. I win because of the money, you can buy the judge there. Now she is a lawyer to, I get her money to. To get more money just say, court re a juried. And invest again, squeeze him dry. Now if he refuses just say. I disagree and object. Now he has no chance but to go. Now let right party talk to add good reasons for two tries. Now this is a big case, blow the money away and say. Be a quitter but you can’t talk. To make your sweet dream pop out, sing a song how the left lost. Give me all your money now, I sewed you away. Now to get law student in bet who can the law of sex in bed? If you are woman who wants that, try it. It will actually work. Now to get more money out of him, tell the lawyer; If you talk about this I will sew you. He will make an offer. To make them feel sewed again. How much money do you want to lose? I will come there if you are, sewed. Sew a pack of teaching penguins I can sew you now by the book. I got money but not for you, am sewed. I can win I am not a student. Now what will you say if speak. Lose your leadership, the judge is yours, how much do you want. If it’s a buck I win, he is a law student. To make him pay more, send him to a grave with dead laws. Dig them up, maybe you will learn from it. Now another secret law is to get money out of the bank, grabbing money and allot of it to. Fill your pockets till cannot more. Tell them I have the law to go there, without security. The law is money-grabbing tradition. Now go to New York ‘Wall Street’ and sew your ass off to be rich.

    Get money from the police were the police is in control and fighting. They did a party, but that went too far. I know there were football hooligans there. Now to trap them into one place at a match and do the pictures of them all of them and you have them. Now you can kick back and see the video footage you have. You can count them one by one; they all have cell phones now look at those. Now they can be, kicked out, now you can sit wide there. Now to converse that you are not there you will see you on footage first, then their cell phones and last and not least vandalism. Now he may have brutality back. However, that will not help them. Now for me its sounds like a good plan.
    To get their money back from the card, ask the club for it the players wanted it. It is a fact, that girl broke up with a player. The other players know to. Check the phones and the club cameras they kissed there. Further, I do not want to know him he is a man who gives candy to kids. If you are a parent, you understand the most. Who will start a fire in his town right now, that man can feel love for her and maybe her to. They both did what they did. How will I save her good name, she is a student. To make her happy send her allot of gifts she actually feared life. Now she will want speak to somebody.
    The Ajax supporters who misbehave have allot of explaining to do, all the bars know them. They make them self-famous there. The cards for the gate all have a phone number you can check. If they have a different one, they are bad asses. Now the one with more phones is a drug dealer suspect. Hold them. Now to get the other criminals who switch and glue pictures. To get them do a check of cards at the end and be prepared with allot of personal. You will find illegal cards; you can do this with their phone better. That is how you keep them under control. Kids look up to those fans on tv and reality who saw it. How save will be those now.
    That is a day to end work, for this part of the internet. Now the SIS person is laughing.

    To catch bad rappers you need a permit that we can print. Now their code, they hide their goods under their mattress the rich ones are going it to the rich ones have save. They crack in time and want to use something, talk their ears of with making sense. If they ask for a joint or snort say; no, code first. Now they want coffee allot. He will want to stay awake.
    To catch more of them, they rap proud and loud about the freedom to rap about. They have codes you can snitch on. Bringing back the track is a code to listen and pay attention. The poorer the rapper the more code he can leak. They have studios they not know about. To collect evidence, allow to studio owners there marihuana smoke in it allot of them will do it. Hearing those conversation you will understand their mind.
    To get allot of money out of them if they have allot, pay up big time. You are rich and people look up to the rich. That is how rich people trough tv to manipulate their mentality’s on it. Therefore, they will be at control. If you see them on tv the leaders who are publicly known, let them write a letter to the rich ones. To make tv better for you mind a good will. Now the countries who do not do that send them once a year like its allowed, what to change and you will not break the law. To do the important thing for them is to challenge then to a news fight. Who tells the most truth on the news, get a prize of money it’s allowed to be big. Now the messages of importance and attraction to watch will, also be checked. To keep this, tradition to keep you can vote for it. On the internet as the government can, also be seen as a price. The truth is harsh but the truth.

  3. Ignat Digori

    Now to run wish wish world, wish it to improve when we need it. Evolvement need to happen even to farm animal I am writing of nature but why not the technology to. You control that, you buy stuff but sell it to. Factory’s can collect it but they do not want that. Now allot of stuff can be re used, thin ice under us. Now wish it to happen, they will reuse things. So they will not make more, it will save money. However, the electronics will be cheaper if you see it logically. To do that send money to the rich person, he will invest doing it. However, the world needs a better enjoinment, more cars that are electric. It is something we will get fresh air out of it. Windy is fresh but it will spread over the world, who knows were the wind comes from. It is a fact you will want to know, wind is caused by nature. A god wanted it; he is Zeus the weather God. Now wind can be used to make the fresh air come to you. The more environments can change if you want it, it will make more fresh air and allot of healthy lounges that will be happy. Go to city that will want me there but not for long; they want me to publish a book there. Now if you live in England and you want me there, I can be. I will go to pubs and bars allot, to meet people. In addition, I will ask them about their mentality. To drink a pint I will want the real beer, but I will taste it I never did. It is a bog glass, if you go to a bar to drink allot. Stop drinking allots but shots, the pint will slow you down. However, the shot will make you shoot like rocket. If the shot does not work, you need to work on it. Being an alcoholic is bad, but the boost you get from a shot. You will make a move on live if you shoot too much. The plan to not get drunk when you take shots, think how much do I want? If you want allot think about life, and make a wish after you take a shot. Now make a joke about the shooter, who shot, he will make gold in his thoughts. If you start a drinking game with him, make a shooting sound. Now a game can be fair, if they have allot. To make a move on the game, shoot first and finish last. If he wins he can’t stand, who want to play this game. To make the game complete add a tradition, to make joke how drunk he is. If you laugh at him, take care of him and make sure he will end up save at his house. Now to not make the police angry tell him, if you play this game, you will shoot shots at the bar. Pub games are allowed only if the Pub owner wants it. To get free beer for the game, ask the bar operates to play along. If you win from the owner, you will drink here free. This mind can rule the world. Writing politics is what he likes, but doing it he cannot. The way of religion I will explain, they are ways to follow path in your own life. That’s why its personal, if you want to vote trough prayers I will do that, but ask for kind of leader you want. I will combine them and give what the Country wants, I am picky but I know how. You can ask me what you want now; ask for a leader you want. I can make it happen in the world. I like talking as a soul; I can talk your ears off if I want. Now the bank woman who can be Queen in Switzerland, I will want to meet you allot. Now to say yes to her I can do so, I can make her goddess now to go there. I will want kids with her allot. To make her come to me, I will invite her now. Now she will be busy now, she like strawberries and she want to walk on the moon. Now I can marry her but I will make the move. Now to tell an agency who works allots, but knows how to make it invisible to. They like peanuts, now they want to work for me. They can work for my soul they do not want to be personally, but they are reading this while I am typing. They spy on me. Now they want coffee but with not personally. They want to kill me; nobody meets them personally with real coffee. They all want to forget if you meet them, they can be mean. Nevertheless, they eat allot. To say sorry for the Taliban nickname, I will tell you why. The Taliban was started by them, but with allot of money. So much, they have a tree. However, is comes from the White House the money. They took control over a war that the Whitehouse did not want to start. Now he is so scared now, all the But Bundies know now. The plan from 911 was written in the White House. Not by the Taliban, not the nick name ones. Now to see what the president did with that money. Bill Gates is a member of the but the but bundies club, he has the list he can put it google. Now wish it to happen. Now the rich ones know now, they bought it. Now the one who runs town now, test him with a question. Ask him to be the one on the map. If tells you yes I want that he is the right one. Now test him after that with this question. How much money do you want, if he tells you do you want to spend mine? He is the one. Now to test a handler I like, ask her how much money she got. She is a bank and she will say allot. To help her you can talk to her soul she will be my wife. I can wish it, but I will hope for that. She can be Queen every were she wants. She can say yes even here if she wants. But the meeting will be hated. To make a move on the money maker in the White House who is still running the real Muslims Taliban. He gets caught leaking to them, then he blows them up with the plain without a man. Now that is an expensive joke, you all know. Those conversations are on eBay right now. Share it with the others and the world will know. The Taliban can be seen as an agency. But that was a bad start, who made it look that way. Now the messages are so sad, but hear this call for me. Hear Hear Hear. They are bombing in public places. Now the real truth is painful, now to make a a happy mood you need to feel sad first I will wright you in an happy mood. Sad part from the past, make this feeling feel old and behind my past. Painful reminder for a sad part let’s hear how its start. Now to make this man lose money who wants to lead them or make them do the dirty work for yourself from others. Why did not the CIA create the Taliban in the Muslim area? They have so many prayers they know allot, they suffer in live but also find riches in his life experiences and riches they have in Land. They are still buying oil from allot, they have so many cars like in the Handler part. I will walk for you people; I will not buy a car. Take a cab.
    Now to publish this dirty secret? The one playing dirty on act on war, create war.
    Now to make allot of improvements to your company you need to invest but only you and for yourself first. The buy then can have more. The save once know more, they keep it peaceful. To write a joke I will write you a note.
    Give something back who do not have.
    Now if it returns when you will deserve it.
    How many lives can you save with this.
    Create hope for others and others will hope for you.
    Such a short note must be a joke, now how hard you want to laugh. This a note what you will want. Wish the leader to work on this note, how will they react? I know more, but you are doing it now. Because you want it, he is rich. But he wants me to go to hell first.
    Be big and rich in mind is what I want I know allot.
    Now leaders read this and be ashamed is what I will hope for, specially bush.
    He knows so much now because with this book.
    Now he wants to kiss my ass to stop writing. You can hear his prayer to be forgiven for it. Hear hear.
    To make the but bundies look good in the country of freedom, they will try to fool me to get me there. They are wanting it but the coffee they offer is to strong, it something I like. But they will not offer me sugar or milk. The talk I can have to them if they call me, they will sound angry with me. But they are fooling me allot. They want more countries so their country will split, it’s something you need a God for. They know how now, but they want allot of babies from me. But I want them to lead, they will know better than them. To make them happy, call 911 and tell them you like the company who starts with aw c. They will give you money allot, spend it make a better life with it. They will want it back, but from the people who collect it and sit on it. Now they work allot, if you call them for money and you are poor tell them; Check my bank account feel free to look. To make their leader work to who is chilling out while the others a busy on the phone, she will like talking to you specially about shoes. If you are woman, ask her to give you some shoes she got. She has so many shoes you will be jealous, she will give them to you if you have a good reason. Making money of their back they do not like, making money off the president that’s what they like. He knows how to talk, act tough on the phone and tell him eat your cookie. To make him work more, ask him about his money who is growing. He will look, and then he will want to spend it. He likes spending but so much, his wife is buying so many shoes ask her for some. Her collection of shoes is so big, you will want to see it to believe. Now the president wants to see that collection. Go and look at it to the president. To make the president happy ask him who I am. Now tell a story about a hero to him, he wrote in his book all of it down. He became president to accept his suffer. He does not know allot, he buys companies to save them. But the money he wants back, time you will need to have. Time a valuable to make more time for him, wish him to tell the truth what he is doing. He trying to fool me come there so I will die and not write down secrets. He is angry with me now, because I know his secrets. They have so many secrets, I will want them to quit being a leader. They have a leak and that is me, leak is what say. But for always for a better tomorrow. What the speech was in the early days for a president. Think to much and act tough let’s see if the world follows. They followed them allot, but they keep secrets. Following them you will know what they did, what about the people who live there they are being lied allot to. They collect lies and make them truth on tv. This president knows, a secret law from him is. The ones who sew him for money have a problem with the government. They have another law that they are using in secret to keep secrets. Your life is in danger if you know what this book is telling you. To keep a secret they stop the messenger who is leaking. They want to hack my computer to stop writing. But man it feels good to write the truth, enjoy reading this law they have to be a secret. If you are addicted to narcotics they will not listen to you.
    To make a deal with the richest and smartest criminal in Holland you need to deserve his money. He likes spending it he will want you to something for him. However, he can tell how to do it and you will not break the law. He is so calm you will scared of him, he likes to use the word please allot. He tells you this word so good, you will be kind back to him. Do ask story’s from him he did allot. To make money with him you will need to make the moves he wants you to. People talk allot he knows more than the King. The King is not happy with him; they are making look bad on tv. This Robin Hood steel from them and gives it to the people who deserve it. Now the King wants that but he wants it back. Robin Hood knows how to get more, the King is helping the rich one allot. Raising taxes to help them, that is a backstab to the public. He was on picture in the paper on his scooter. The papers wrote all kind of bad stuff of him. He makes the Treasure chest leak, he knows how. He likes giving money but he can rule the King now if he wants. He is so rich right now, if you want money from him he will like to hear your story and how you suffer. He likes to listen and is gentle, if you have money problems you know how to reach out to him. He does not as if guns so do not offer him one. If he wants a gun, he is making a move. If they drag him to court I will give him evidence of the naughty things that they want to sew him for. He got allot of good reason. He does not break the law that much he the leaders of Holland break the law more often them him. He knows how but the leader wants him in jail. He will invite them to a jail sail; there they belong if they do it more often than him. He moves like a God and makes mistakes, but the rich ones who work against him are breaking the law allot. Now the King wants to speak with him, you can call him. But he will not show up on your radar, he does not like you. He can be King and do better. Now if you are King you want to speak to him. If the King wants to help the poor give the money to him, he knows how to talk to people. He can talk your ears of he will convince you to work for him, that is his cake.
    To make money of this book I will tell you how. Call the police and tell him to give you money. They will tell you that you have the wrong number. They will give you the right one; they will lead you to their bank. If you get the bank on the line, tell him the police gave you this number. If they laugh means, they want to give it to you. They will want it back, tell them I will give to you money if you raise the salaries of the police. They will be so pissed; they are paying them to convince them. Why is the police not a bank, they will have a long short story. However, you need to tell them now. I want them to have raise, there more people do this the more good reasons they have. Now a leader will speak against it, but they work for them. If she tell you no as a leader means she wants the money. I would rather give it to ones who make you feel save instead to make the leader rich who will not want it. That leader wants to make money, but the people want to feels save. Now to get money from the bank, ask them for a little. Also tell them to check your bank account. If you suffer being poor, they will lend you money and will not want more back from you.
    A good speech to the public from the Queen who breaks laws and stays hidden from the public as a Queen will be full of the word sorry.

    Dear followers of the Palace,

    We want to say sorry for raising the taxes for my own good will to have more money.
    I want to buy allot of dope but some one knows better than me.
    I have to many riches I collect and do not spend, sorry people to make you suffer being poor.
    I wanted a bank and I have it, I am sorry for stealing money from them.
    I am sorry for being a Queen behind the public’s back, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
    I am also sorry that I make the decisions for my son, I still rule it even after I told the public that I will stop.
    If I am a Queen where is the Queens day, I am sorry for not following the tradition.
    I am also sorry for stealing money from the right people who want to help Holland.
    I am also sorry I collect the Tabaco taxes, I told the public that I did not smoke. But I smoke allot.
    Sorry for all these mistakes, I hope you can forgive me.

    This is a speech I will want to be on tv, to hear her sorry from the Palace. They are the three leaders, but they work against helping the poor. She likes helping rich people they make money off their back. They do it allot, to make the bank running better. Make it a private bank, she not taking care of it. She wants see money out of it, she gave money to them. But she wants more back. Give her money if she wants it, she will spend it the tight way.

    Let us write about a leader who wants money, he has allot but he also does not like spending it. He wins allot but gives them to wrong people. Their agency changed allot, they are doing the right thing now. The knowledge will grow if they act the right way, they have allot of money they will give it to their leader. However, they want him to spend it, buy improvements to make the knowledge grow. They will buy with the money what I want. Giving them the right way, ask the agency who deserves it. They will help him allot, he wants that help but they ask money for it. Now if you give the agency money to help the leader. What you get from him spend it all, the agency will be happy. Their leader need to talk allot, I want him to visit the poor regions and improve their life. He will lose the money but he will get more if spends it the right way. More he spends more he helps, to spend his money the right way. If you get cash, put it on the bank, so agency will know that you help. To make the money all under control they need a Bank who checks money is what they have now. Now an agent who got killed in England for writing down the truth in his book about their way that they work. They all thought it was the English. Now plutonium nine there are only few countries that has it. You will die slow and painful of this poison. But he was poisoned by his old ex-college, he wanted the book to not being published. That man saved so many people with his book. Death was his way out, but he died like a hero. That is book you all want to read. The message of this book is. Look at them and read what they do. They work against peace. That was the past but the world wanted to know. That poison is so poisonous you need only a little. What can be, hidden in a big ring? The ring can be of gold so it looks expensive. But they never put it through a scanner in that time.

    Something spiritual the mind controls the spirit. The spirit makes decisions for the mind, if you are kind in your mind you will be able to be spiritual. To be more spiritual you will be able to talk to the avatar. That is the spiritual mind, to make yourself spiritual you need to believe in it then you will notice. Its powerful way compressed in few lines. That are the powerful ways, talk to your spirit if you believe. That we see as a soul, but the avatar calls them spirits. Now to obey your soul you can talk to it. Say hello.

    Now to make money o a bank control their supply by testing big amounts in group form. The you find out the most, send their tree people and one with a car. Shoot in the air immediately everyone will get down. To get the money out of there you need two. This method is already known. There are allot of banks you can cash money from the government. That save is so big, witch bank save you want to see? Tell it. To stop dreaming money you can use the power of the gold. Work in the save with the gold. All my powers you can lend from me. Power to invest and no knowing money in your mind. Now that can happen, more gold more powers you have.
    To make money go easy on you I can send it to you if you need it, the ones who deserve it got what they wanted. Spend all the money immediately. To make more money out of rich people who sit on money give some to. Now there are numbers you will want it to. Now presidents who can do that why not them? To make few good world saws.

    Power of commitment can get banned.
    You will need to take the power you want the most for yourself. Not for others. You ask me and I will give you few good combinations on earth to live better. That is something better, now the gods who created powers I have to, but some of you have allot of power. What they deserve. To share the the money, let me take care of it while I am on earth. Make that money spin. If you are so rich you will help allot, but the other rich ones have a problem with that. They do not look better now, you know how angry they will be. If drove to work in panda and the day after in a Ferrari. To make the other rich again sell it later to your boss. You will get a promotion and live on. To make a bigger bank you need to make more of these, like they are now for somehow. The commitment I do not want in my day dreams, on stage passed. Now to write to the bank, you can get allot of money you did it. Now you can make big money. If you want the big buck to go around, you will make the money with the other hand. To make it go fast in a slow to the right hand, you are banker. Make the most money in the right hand. You will need to spend first, investing is an option. That you can do yourself on the internet also the big bucks who are allot of. Now collect it you need the big money in the stool, they have that tradition. Money they have but they want more, give them some and they will change it. To change it they trade it, they want it to be save. Those trucks to do it, they are big and notable. They all have radar, and surveillance to make them yours you can buy one who looks the same and collect the money to early, it takes them five minutes to get it. After you collected call the police and tell them, they have a copy. If you drive now do not count the money. However, you can give it back with another bank in other countries. Then deal the money if you did the shot in the air you gets the most. To track him down he is going to tell you everything, he will talk allot. If the criminals were smart, they have no cell phones with numbers. However, if they have they are monitored already. Calling nine one one and tell them you stole a phone. They will track you down for weeks if the victim did not tell the police. Now if you send it to other countries, the but bundies will search for you. Not for one phone, but a bag of them. Now get a line with Mexico you need to have their cards under surveillance, why can a drug baron talk with a satellite phone with you. That guy is such a pain in the ass for the but bundies. Check on that guy every time he calls. The nick name for him will be a Carlos. This one has so much money, he is richer the president. Send him his stuff back, he never wants it back he can try himself. This one lives in Colombia, he is not reading this. The freedom feeling after a war was created. Feel that now. To make the freedom rule earth you need to create one. If you use that power it will be better. Now to rule earth you need to be strong leader inside. Write it down what can do I will compete with you. To make you look good now is to step off. You want war in your country.
    To stop war you need to sew the one who wants to start it. He knows allot, if he is the plan maker it will rain allot. He will lose his money and will not be able to start it.
    To investigate a country where I was born, they know allot about me. They want me back, but do not know how.
    To make money of a plan you need to invest first into something, it can be big let us try small first. A few investments. You need to make a mistake first, gain weight. Then you collect your innings get half out of it and give it to someone else. Who can do job for you, they do it with pleasure it’s your money. Now you have a selling buddy, invest in to the buyer he will get rich. In addition, give you money to you. Now to make more buy buying bundies, they can sell to if you want. Now you can collect innings. That is so much money to save the others with it. To invest you need knowledge about the company. If they have allot of pam on the site, they are poor. To find the good stuff its without spam. Run wall street for a day, you will gain stress money pressure is too big. Those guys deserver some respect, they have more money problems than the others who do not work there. Now get them going, spend money with them. The more they ask the more they know.

    To make the other plan to predict their moves there in Brussels. They need to stop asking for money but for treasures. There are King and Queens there. Speak gold fin riches you will be repaid with wealth to collect riches again. They now how, but do not trust each other. To convince the Handler part now to change, they need to sign allot away to the freedom. They will want more and will not stop. Now to collect riches you need to spend your wealth. Get diamonds and gold, trade it more. The riches will spread fairly if there is a fair price. To that control, you need to have the more pure gold. They will be made by the power. But they will not want to make more fool’s gold . They have a problem; they can make so many jewels that sold out. Go there and buy some. To create that manipulation let the handlers do it. They can handle it, but they will want more. To make them stop wanting more, they have a curse. The more you spend in the save the more you will want to collect. They did the save writing plan. It makes sense to not allow the Handlers to buy allot of gold but the freedom will want it. That will cause conflicts in the area you got it from. To break their curse they need to not spend so much time in the save. To save the Handlers they need to allow bankers to do it in their save. They want more but they will stick with the conflicts in their own area. That’s why it will cause war. To save them, they need to buy knowledge from the knowledge. But they will want gold to, for gold you can get allot of knowledge. To make them more powerful they will improve. Now to make the freedom to lose again he needs to buy gold from the knowledge but the power will not like it. They will get money from the freedom. They will collect bucks. They want you to split while it’s not needed. They have allot of difference in life style . They can split but without a country god. They have method to do it, but they will make camps and it will be horrible. To not manipulate the others, the entire world will save them. But the war can be denied by telling to freedom feel free to control your war. To make them obey their leaders who want to lead them. To cash all of their money and spend it, he will want to see what your money does to the world.

  4. Ignat Digori

    Dear reader,

    Or maybe an admin. I can send you some Dutch books to, but you will need to translate. If you want them please react back at me. I will want to buy a website but i will need to use i Deal. Please help me.


    Ignat Digori


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